Larry Rodman

by Jenny on January 11th, 2012

I had been training all summer for the Disney Marathon on January 8, 2012. I chose a 28 week training program with a long slow increase in mileage to help minimize my chances for injury. Unfortunately at the end of October my Achilles started to hurt, and I was diagnosed with Achilles Tendinosis. I was devastated. It hurt to walk, and running was unbelievably painful. I began Physical Therapy right away, and endured sessions of something called the Graston Technique. Every time this was done tears came to my eyes. It was torture, yet worth it as the pain began to lesson, and the scar tissue slowly broke up. Within a few weeks I was able to run again. I followed the advice of Coach Jenny, and built back up the distances I ran until I was back on schedule. This past Sunday I ran in the Disney Marathon, completing my very first marathon. I finished in 4 hours 14 minutes and 50 Seconds!  ~January 8, 2012